The Agency Hour Podcast By Pixel & Hammer

Episode 22

Kevin Koskella – Work Hero & Entrepreneurship

In today’s episode of Agency Hour, Levi McCurdy & Emily Bear interviewed Kevin Koskella. Kevin is an entrepreneur from California who runs the company Work Hero. With Work Hero you can grow your online business faster with a flat monthly fee, giving you access to unlimited technical tasks and graphic designs.

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Episode 21

Picking The Right IDE for Website & Software Development

In this mornings episode of Developer Minutes Sarah & Levi sit down to talk about their favorite IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for coding website and software development. Sarah currently uses CodeAnywhere and Levi uses Coda2 but is looking to make a switch due to current bugs in the program.

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Episode 20

How To Improve Your Website in 2018

The majority of the Pixel & Hammer team sit down to celebrate & talk about Treat Yo Self Day 2018. We talk about current treats as well as ways to help your business grow. We also talk about how to improve your website and it’s needs.

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Episode 19

Web Browsers in 2018

In our second episode of developer minutes we talk about the current state of web browsers in 2018. Our biggest question is, can we switch from Chrome to Firefox & why are people STILL using Internet Explore!? Half way through we are also joined by one of our designers Scott. Scott gives us his opinions & status on using web browsers as a graphic designer.

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Episode 18

Josh Crain – StoryBrand, Clarify Your Message

In this episode we had the privilege to talk to Josh Crain. Josh is the senior pastor at the Meeting House church in Carlisle, PA and is a certified StoryBrand consultant.

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Episode 17

Alex Leaves for Harvard, The Future of Tech, Walmart vs. Amazon & More

It’s a sad day as our two year intern Alex leaves us to attend Harvard University! Levi, Sarah, and Scott sit down to talk to Alex about his new journey.

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Episode 16

Brandon Bear – Business Finances & Other Marketing

Brandon Bear is the vice president and head of operations at Meadowbrooke gourds & the CFO at The Molly Pitcher Brewing Company. In today’s episode Levi & Emily talk to Brandon about his day to day, the challenges to managing the finances of three different companies, facebook marketing and how / when to hire new employees!

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Episode 15

Web Developers Debate Using WordPress – Pros & Cons

In this quick episode of Dev Minutes Levi & Sarah sit down to talk about Wordpress. As we all know, Wordpress is the most commonly used CMS on the web as it’s free from anyone!

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Episode 14

Your Privacy Online, GDPR, & Privacy Policy Updates

Our intern Alex sat us all down to discuss the updates on internet privacy and how companies use your data online.

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Episode 13

Owning A Business For 25 Years – Ben Bear, Owner of Meadowbrooke Gourds

Ben Bear started Meadowbrooke Gourds in his garage 25 years ago. Since then he’s perfected a growing method, cleaning, drying, and decorating every single gourd at Meadowbrooke.

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Episode 12

Meet Scott McFadden – Our New Designer

In today’s episode Levi, Emily, Sarah, & Shannon sit down to talk to and introduce our new graphic designer, Scott McFadden. Scott joined our team this week and we thought, what better way than to have him on our podcast!

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