Kevin Koskella – Work Hero & EntrepreneurshipEpisode 22

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Below are just a few questions and answers from our amazing interview with entrepreneur Kevin Koskella. For the full interview check out the listening links below!

What are you about and what you doing?

After finishing school I didn’t know what to do with myself so I decided to join the corporate world. I didn’t enjoy this though, finding I disliked the rigid structure. After being laid off I  realized I had been given the opportunity to start my own business, something I had long wanted to do. The question now, what was I to base it on? I liked fitness and swimming as I had been a competitive swimmer for most of my school life, this gave me the foundation for my business. I started as a personal trainer and swim coach starting websites for each of these ideas. I realized I had a niche in the swim lesson are as I was teaching a lot of adults how to swim many of whom were training for triathlons.

My site became Tri Swim Coach staring out as a pdf with swim tips/workouts eventually growing into an ebook, then into a dvd, and finally becoming a membership website with everything people need for training for triathlons. The whole online business idea lead me to learn some about design and development. I realized tough that this wasn’t something I wanted to solely pursue so I sought out help. I hired people to focus on these elements, utilizing their skills to help my business. This led me to a new business idea and I wanted to start and agency but soon realized I was in over my head. After acknowledging that programing and design are typically where people struggle I started Work Hero a subscription site where you can submit tasks relating to wordpress and graphic design.

Have you, your clients, or friends, or people in your inner circle experienced burnout?

I have definitely been fighting this. I think that the American culture promotes the idea of working long hours and not sleeping enough. It’s one of the things you get praised for because you working so hard. When in actuality not getting enough sleep can cause cancer and affect your quality of life. Avoiding burnout it depends on our motivation.

Are you doing it because you enjoy doing it or are you just doing it because it needs done. One way specifically I have tried to fight this is getting out into nature like going on a short walk so I’m not just sitting there staring at a screen. Another I have noticed is figuring out what your productive hours of the day are and not deviating from that. Trying to fight it and work through it isn’t actually helpful and taking a break during those hours can be helpful and let you get more work done later.

What are some of the industry of your client base?

Small digital agencies make up most of our customers. I thought it would be more people in situations like I was but it has not worked out that way. It’s more on the side of people with agencies with ongoing work. For people that don’t have all that many tasks they typically do the free trial but don’t continue because they don’t have things every month. Agencies we have though are really busy tend to send more thing our way, especially if they are on the smaller to medium side.

What is your favorite swimming event?

I don’t compete anymore so probably an event for me would be an open water swim. I live by the ocean but don’t really get there for swimming all that often. I have decided recently to start training for this 3.7 mile swim. It’s in the mediterranean, going from Europe to Asia, and we’ll be crossing the continental divide.